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National Institute of Corporate Reform
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National Institute of Corporate Reform

Established in 2000, the National Institute of Corporate Reform (NICR) is a non-profit organisation uniting prominent politicians, businessmen and scientists and aimed at actively contributing to corporate reform at Russian enterprises. Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor is the Institute’s President.

The NICR’s goals include reviving the investment appeal of Russia and Russian enterprises in the international commodity, financial and securities markets, maintaining high business development rates to the benefit of shareholders, employees, local communities, and the country as a whole, reducing the share of raw materials in the Russian economy in favour of the processing and high-tech industries, and promoting new high-potential companies to global securities markets. The Institute is an effective advocate of honest and open competition and transparency in government industrial policy and the economy. Economic stability and corporate social responsibility are the Institute’s top priorities.

The NICR’s day-to-day activities include analyzing global and domestic trends in corporate construction, developing of models and practical recommendations on corporate reforms at enterprises, companies and sectors of the economy in Russia and globally, and providing information support for corporate reform and construction projects, many of which make use of NICR research. The NICR also provides comprehensive practical assistance for companies integrating international business and corporate governance standards into their operations and supports all initiatives aimed at ensuring equal market conditions and open, honest competition. The NICR is instrumental in advancing the best traditions of Russian entrepreneurship and achievements in the field of corporate governance.

The following individuals have been active participants in the NICR at various times: Vladimir Milovidov, head of the Federal Financial Markets Service, Aleksandr Nekipelov, Director of the Institute for International Economic and Political Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Aleksandr Dynkin, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and First Deputy Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Oleg Lepke, First Deputy Director of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Economy, Labour and Management in Agriculture, and Vladimir Kondratyev, head of the Industrial and Investment Research Centre of the Institute for International Economic and Political Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Since its inception, the NICR has held 20 workshops and published 12 books.

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