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       What is Secure Tolerance?
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  What is Secure Tolerance?


What is Secure Tolerance?

What is Secure Tolerance?

Restrictions for the sake of freedom to live a secure life. The world is living in expectation of the cross-fertilization of two seemingly unrelated concepts.

These are the concepts of global security and tolerance. We know little of them.

The concept of national security, that is, security limited by actions only within national boundaries of any state, has practically disappeared today. It has given way to global security that is described in terms of a planetary framework, including, of course, outer space, the entire surface of the Earth without exception and its entrails.

On the other hand, the global world cannot live without tolerance − a civilizational value that is equivalent to security.

In fact, tolerance is a directive that society gives itself to perceive phenomena and concepts to the point of their fundamental recognition as the right to life itself!

Without tolerance no development is possible along any line of social activity.

It is an instrument of perceiving innovations in science, technology, art, medicine, political science, philosophy and so on.  

However, is unlimited tolerance admissible?  

What is tolerance without restrictions

on the proliferation of nuclear weapons outside the legal field,

on terrorism, including international terrorism,

on racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, extremism in any form and so on?  

Can there be no restrictions on migration processes that have already reached global proportions?  

Of course, not.

Tolerance should meet security requirements.  That is why we introduce the concept of SECURE TOLERANCE, which is after all the aim of this message.

Secure Tolerance must be promoted in the public mind and practice in the most democratic way, that is, through law making.  This way alone will the promotion of secure tolerance be permanent and irreversible.  There is no better field to implement this project than the European Union because in itself it is a product of tolerance shown by twenty seven nations for each other and because it is fully exposed to all the challenges of the day.

Three crucial factors decide, without exhausting, however, the promotion of Secure Tolerance:

- Education, above all primary education (we may be late forever if we start to teach this difficult new language of communication to children over five years of age)

- Secure Tolerance is inseparable from the need to develop Reconciliation technologies in society, which, in turn, is based on the legal (in or out of court) recognition of the historical truth of the event (the Holocaust).  

The Nuremberg Tribunal is the best example of how to foster the memory and the historical truth of the main Catastrophe of the twentieth century.

- And last but not least, still another factor:

Secure Tolerance and Reconciliation technologies should be formalized in a code of laws, both national and supra-national, the making of which, once started, is never to stop.  Meanwhile, Secure Tolerance and Reconciliation are just as mutually complementary as analysis and synthesis.

Even if pressed by the political situation and his or her own doctrine, any modern politician should have the right to say:

“I personally don’t want to have anything to do with my opponents, but under the Law of Secure Tolerance I am duty bound to follow the spirit and the letter of this law for the sake of development.”

It would be expedient for the European Union, with the possible involvement of the USA and Russia, to form a Centre (University) to make Secure Tolerance and Reconciliation laws and rules (technologies) that would encompass all lines of research and education in this sphere.

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