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Every human life goes through several stages. A young person starts out as a promising student, later becoming a dedicated young scientist, then a successful entrepreneur and a community leader. That is a continuous life in space. The life of an individual surrounded by people. The life within that single individual. Throughout our lives we are all working to achieve harmony. Every new action, idea, or project is a continuation, a development based on a previous project and serving as a platform for the next one.

What triggers us? What forces us to take the next step go forward? We live our ordinary lives feeling that we are doing everything right, and then… a string starts vibrating. All of a sudden we hear music that nobody else can hear. The sound touches us and we follow it. It draws us towards it, very often in a completely different direction from where we were heading before. In other words, we happen across a chain of seemingly random events that lead us to a new life.

And then success comes. But beyond success, which is very important, we reach a state of contentment with the activities we are involved in. We are glad that people need our efforts and consider them important. That knowledge encourages us and gives us the strength to carry on. Keep moving forward.

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