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EJC President Viatcheslav Kantor Visits Bulgaria for the Centennial Anniversary of Sofia Synagogue, Meets with Bulgariaĺs President Georgi Parvanov, Sofia
Workshop of the International Luxembourg Forum ôResults of the PrepCom 2009 and the Prospects for the 2010 NPT Review Conference. Development of the Situation with Nuclear and Missile Programs of Iran and North Koreaö, July 2, 2009, Geneva
The European Jewish Congress (EJC) Delegation Meets with Polish President Lech Kaczyski, Warsaw, July 7, 2009╗
Opening of the Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery Exhibition My Homeland is Within My Soul: Art Without Borders  Palace of Nations, Geneva, June 11, 2009
Press conference to introduce the exhibition My Homeland is Within My Soul: Art Without Borders of the Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery to be opened in Geneva on June 11, 2009
The World Jewish Congress (WJC) Delegation Visits Vatican and Meets with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
Working Group Meeting. ôStrategic Arms Control and Perspectives on the PrepCom for 2010 NPT Review Conferenceö. April 22, 2009 Moscow
TEL AVIV, Annual press conference at Tel Aviv University on global anti-Semitism
Symposium Building Together the Future of Europe. Brussels, European Parliament.
European Jewish Congress Executive Meeting in Prague. EJC Delegation Meets with Prime Minister M.Topolanek and Deputy Prime Minister A.Vondra
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