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EJC Steps Up Efforts against Palestinian UN Move

June 11, 2011

The European Jewish Congress on Friday said it circulated a letter among the heads of states and foreign minister of all the countries in Europe asking them not to recognize a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood in September.

“Unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State will not bring a solution to the existing conflict or create peace in the Middle East,” wrote European Jewish Congress head Kantor.

“On the contrary, it will add new layers to the unresolved and complex legal and political issues. Without a negotiated solution, the chances of even greater violence in the region will be higher, especially at this time of flux for the Middle East.”

Kantor and EJC leadership also said they are meeting with various European leaders, MEP’s and European decision-makers and opinion-shapers to lobby against the Palestinian initiative.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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