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European Jewish Fund

The European Jewish Fund (EJF) was founded in February 2006 on the initiative of Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor who is currently the fund's chairman.

The Fund is structured as two chambers, an Executive Council, or Chamber of Community Leaders, and a Board of Governors, or Chamber of Donors. One of the Fund’s key principles is maintaining a roundtable where all members may speak their minds and participate as equals. The Fund supports community projects, regional and pan-European programmes; it also initiates its own programmes to address issues that concern a specific community or European Jewry as a whole.

The Fund was established for the very specific goal of strengthening Jewish life in Europe. To achieve this goal, the Fund focuses on young people and their connections to Judaism and their communities by supporting programmes aimed at building Jewish identity and Jewish pride, especially by reconnecting young people with their rich and vital Jewish past. The Fund supports programmes to educate young people about Jewish achievements in all aspects of life, including culture, science, and medicine. These achievements are worth of respect among the nations, but they should also be a source of dignity and self-respect among our own people. To this end, the Fund initiated what it calls the JPS, or Jewish Positioning System, which is focused on researching and presenting the achievements and contributions Jews have made in their respective countries.

The Fund is also focused on addressing the major problems facing European Jewry, such as assimilation, anti-Semitism, racism and the spread of neo-Nazism, which represents a serious threat to Jewish life in Europe.

Assimilation is without a doubt an increasingly grave existential threat to European Jewry. Programmes to reconnect people with Jewish life are essential if we hope to deal with this threat in a serious manner.

Anti-Semitism has once again become a critical problem for Jews in European countries. In several countries there is a strong sense of fear sparked by this growing danger, fear of a future that could repeat the tragic past. The Fund is committed to dealing with this danger by strengthening Holocaust remembrance and education, not only by teaching the historical facts, but by teaching the lessons that must be learned from Europe’s darkest times. The major Fund's effort in this area is a series of international forums «Let My People Live!». Such forums are a key weapon against anti-Semitic manifestations. 

The Fund is also concerned with the Iranian nuclear threat, which puts the Jewish state and the entire world in peril. Consequently, the Fund supported the International Conference on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe, which was held in May 2007 in Luxembourg with the participation of international top-level experts. The aim of the Conference, which has now been established as a permanent forum, was to develop a “road map” to serve as a clear plan of action for global political leaders as they search for effective solutions to the nuclear non-proliferation issue and attempt to restrain aggressive regimes that possess or hope to possess nuclear technologies.

The Fund is a unique platform for donors and community leaders to come together in order to discuss and analyse the needs, problems and threats that confront European Jewry and suggest programmes to address those issues.

EJF website - www.europeanjewishfund.org

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